How is Viborg-Hurley Doing on Smarter Balanced Testing in Relation to the Rest of the State?

You can view the Viborg-Hurley 2017 Smarter Balanced Report Card as well as data from all schools in South Dakota school districts for each grade 3-8 and 11 by clicking on the SD REPORT CARDS button at the right.

South Dakota's State Report accountability system centers around a 100 point index, called the School Performance Index, or SPI. The SPI consists of three key indicators of performance. A numeric value is assigned to each of the indicators. These values are added to create a total SPI score out of 100 points. Each public school in the state receives a SPI score, with limited exceptions due to school size and/or mission. Two distinct indexes are used, one for high school accountability and one for elementary and middle school accountability.

Elementary/Middle School

High School
Student AchievementStudent Achievement
Academic GrowthHigh School Completion
AttendanceCollege and Career Readiness

SPI Total Pts. (100 possible pts.)

Academic Growth (40 possible pts. )Attendance (20 possible pts. )Student Achieve-
ment (40 possible pts.)

Cameron Colony

45.07 pts

exempt           0%

19.13 pts
95.66 %

25.94 pts./80

Viborg-Hurley Elem.

51.73 pts

17.34 pts

17.38 pts.

17.03 pts.
42.58 %

Viborg-Hurley Middle School

40.21 pts

11.44 pts.

18.15 pts

12.62 pts.
31.53 %

SPI Total Pts. (100 possible pts.)

College & Career Readiness (30 possible pts.)High School Completion Indicator (30 possible pts.)Student Achieve-ment (40 possible pts.)
Viborg-Hurley HS64.13 pts.
19.52 pts.

29.42 pts.

15.29 pts

We are very proud that Viborg-Hurley Schools SPI (School Performance Index) overall score rank all of our schools as "Progressing Schools." We will use the data that we received from these scores in combination with data gathered from NWEA testing, ACT testing, Dibbels testing to begin to identify specific areas that indicate a need for academic improvement for students and make it our goal to show improved growth to prepare them to be college and career ready.

Any stakeholder in the district can see a complete color copy of each school and district report by going to the school office of either of our buildings and asking to see the reports.

It is the continued mission of the Viborg-Hurley School District to provide a positive and safe learning environment, prepare our students to be life-long learners, inspire students to reach their potential, and to promote respect and character. Tracking student learning through assessments is one of the many tools we use to assure success for all students.