Fill the Basket

The Viborg-Hurley Middle School Student Council is holding a food drive from April 8th through the 11th.  You can bring your items to the school during this week and 1 point will be awarded per item to the class that brings it in. The winning class will be rewarded.  

Food Pantry Items that are Needed:

  • Sugar, Flour, Bisquick, Cake Mixes, Pancake/Waffle Mixes
  • Pasta (Do not need spaghetti noodles)
  • Cereal/Breakfast & Snack Items
  • Cookies, Crackers of all varieties, (Homemade Cookies are okay)
  • Jello and Pudding Mixes
  • Ketchup, Jam/Jelly/Peanut Butter, etc.
  • Canned Fruit (Do not need vegetables)
  • Canned Tuna, Chicken, Meat
  • Cream Soups
  • Any Easter Fixings
  • Hygiene Products & Household Products
    • Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Kleenex, etc.
    • Toothpaste, Shampoo, Body Wash, etc.

Let's help our community and fill the basket.