Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members:

The Viborg-Hurley Public School wants everyone to know that we are aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat and we have initiated a plan.  Although information suggests a low immediate health risk, an obligation exists to ensure VH is prepared to both prevent and mitigate the virus. Regardless of the specific virus, components of our plan will have multiple functions.  We know that general health practices are simply the best practice for keeping students healthy.

Each building is working to distribute age-appropriate prevention information and our facilities are being cleaned with a formula that has been proven to kill COVID-19.  We really want to stress the simplistic, yet important advice from the Department of Health.

·         Students should stay home when they are sick

·         Cover your cough

·         Practice good hand washing

The exploration of remote learning days, will also be considered for use during any related emergency. To prepare for the possibility of E-Learning days, I’m asking all families to participate in a brief internet access survey. Please use the link below to answer a three-question survey. If you would like to complete the survey and do not have access to internet, please call either building office (605)766-5418 or (605)238-5221.  

There is an abundance of COVID-19 information available, however I trust the CDC’s research and believe it provides us the most up-to-date information. The following are three links to additional handouts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the Coronavirus Disease COVID19:

1)      What you need to know about coronavirus disease 2019. (COVID-19)

2)      Symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019.

3)      Stop the spread of germs.

4)      South Dakota Department of Health Website.

The Viborg-Hurley School District follows the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, along with the South Dakota Department of Health, and local healthcare providers to address public health concerns.  As a District, we will continue to work with these agencies to monitor COVID-19 and take steps as necessary. 



Mr. Brett Mellem


Viborg-Hurley School District