Current Learning Level

Elementary & Middle School

Level 1: Normal Learning with Accommodations


HIGH SCHOOL (10/21 - 11/6)

LEVEL 2: Hybrid Learning

- In-Person Classes: Mon./Wed. = Group A, Tues./Thurs. = Group B

Current Activities Level

LEVEL 1: Outdoor/Indoor Events = Open Attendance

- Face Coverings & Social Spacing Strongly Encouraged

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Viborg-Hurley Students & Parents:

Thank you for your continued support of the Viborg-Hurley School District and our new flex learning platform. The staff at the Viborg-Hurley School is working to offer our students the best learning opportunities and meet the needs of our students to the best of our ability. As we navigate through our new learning environment please remember we are all in this together and together we will succeed. Please utilize the school website, flex learning webpage and the Viborg-Hurley Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the latest in education and activities in the Viborg-Hurley School District. 

Mr. Brett Mellem, Superintendent