Viborg-Hurley School Board

Viborg-Hurley to celebrate School Board Recognition Week

The Viborg-Hurley School District will join districts across the state to thank school board members for their leadership and service to our local school district and community during South Dakota School Board Recognition Week from February 15-19.

“This is a great opportunity to recognize our school board for their dedication to our children and our communities,” Superintendent Mellem said.

The men and women serving Viborg-Hurley and their years of service are:

Jim Gerdes (9 years) – served previously on the Hurley School Board Jeremy Sayler (6 years) Chris Richards  (5 years) Faydra Christensen  (4 years) Stacey Sorlien  (4 years)

This group is responsible for setting the vision of and goals for the district and strives to provide a quality education for our students. The school board also hires quality educators, adopts policies and evaluates progress while always keeping the best interests of our students in mind.

During School Board Recognition Week, the Viborg-Hurley School District invites students, staff and community members to take part in thanking its school board members.

“As elected leaders, school board members serve as the link between the school and community members,” Superintendent Mellem said. “They work tirelessly for our students, staff and communities. Please join me in thanking them for their service.”