Silent V-H Champion

About mid afternoon, you may just see Mrs. Sorlien coming through the doors at Viborg-Hurley.  Since the fall of 2012, she has been volunteering her time to come in every week to help bring out the creative side of our elementary students with Art Class. If you've ever been in the office or been down the elementary wing of the school, you can see the creative and fun artwork that Mrs. Sorlien does with our students.  You can't help but smile when you are looking at the creations of our students.  

Mrs. Sorlien... you are a Silent V-H Champion and we appreciate all you do for our students!  If you happen to see Mrs. Sorlien  please thank her for sharing not only her talents but her time with our school. 

Enjoy the attached photos of Mrs. Sorlien in action and the most recent artwork you can find on display down the hall and in the Viborg office. (My personal favorite of this batch... the cows!)  :-)