November Character Trait - Honesty

During the month of November we will learning about the character trait of Honesty during elementary school guidance.  Honesty by definition is when you speak the truth and act truthfully.  Many children think that honesty means you "don't tell a lie" and that is definitely a part of being honest, however being  honest means more than not lying. A more complete definition of honesty shows that an honest person doesn't do things that are morally wrong.  This month we will be discussing how there are three important things to think about when it comes to being honest:  being truthful, being the real you, and being trustworthy.  

Being truthful - Each time you lie, it gets easier to lie the next time. Each time you tell the truth - even when it's really hard to do - your truth muscles get stronger.  That makes it easier to tell the truth the next time.

Being Genuine - Being genuine means being the real you.  When you are genuine you are what you say you are.

Being Trustworthy - Being trustworthy means that people can count on you to do the things you say you'll do.  When you are trustworthy your parents, teachers and youth leaders will respect you and as their respect grows, they probably give you more privileges.  

Before you make up a story or answer a question with a lie, play "Stop! Think! Go!"

STOP - Don't say anything for a moment or two.

THINK - What really happened? What might happen if you don't tell the truth?

GO - Go ahead and speak the truth.

We will also be talking about "6 WAYS TO BE AN HONEST PERSON".

Hold on to the real you.  Make sure your family teachers and friends know that you're genuine - always truthful about who you are.

Own up to mistakes that you make even if you're afraid you'll get in trouble.  Remember that lying leads to even more trouble.

Never keep silent when it's important to tell the truth.  When you know about a lie and don't say anything, you're letting the live live on.  Turn a silent lie into a loud truth by speaking up.

Earn people's trust by keeping your promises to them and by never cheating or stealing.  Take back anything you borrow, and never take anything without asking.

Stop and think about what really happened so you can tell it truthfully.  Also think about what might happen if you don't tell the truth.

Tell your dad or mom, your teacher, or another adult you trust that you've made a promise to always tell the truth.  

Please help us reinforce these concepts at home when you are talking to your children around the dinner table this month.