Attendance Matters
  • By not coming to school, students diminish the value of their education
  • The benefit of regular classroom instruction is lost
  • Student may not develop the responsibility, self-discipline & effective work skills that are taught in the classroom
  • Not having several students in class, may restrict the learning of others
  • A decrease in attendance effects the performance data of the school
  • Students who attend school 85%-100% of the time pass state tests in reading and math at much higher rates
  • If students fall behind and are continuously struggling to catch up, this may diminish their confidence and attitude toward learning

Not coming to school and being truant results in higher crime rates

What Can Parents Do to Help Their Child Get to School?

  • Have a back-up plan for cold weather and cars not starting
  • Know that school attendance is a parent and student responsibility
  •  Start the habits of a regular school day at an early age and stay interested in what your child is doing in school.
  • Try to stay involved in the school by attending meetings, field trips, etc. when possible.
  • Keep in touch with who your child’s friends are and their interests.
  • If possible, drop your child off at school and pick them up afterwards.
  • Make a contract with the child to improve their attendance rate.
  • Make sure your child understands that you do not approve of them being late or absent
  • Help your child to understand the state’s and school’s attendance policies
  • Contact the school to ask for help/suggestions
  • Keep a school calendar on the refrigerator at home so that you know when your child does and does not have school
  • Do not allow your child to persuade you into making an excuse for him/her
  • Talk to your child about issues that may be making them late for school

Don’t give up, reward good behavior and take it one day at a time