School Spelling Bee - Monday Evening

Congratulations to our classroom spelling bee winners.

Ashlyn Hagena                                                                                  Giahna Miller

Dawson Johnson                                                                              Devin Sayler

Claire Campbell                                                                                 Reiley Murray

Ryder Anderson                                                                                Zoey Christensen

Wyatt Slack                                                                                         Mataya Vannorsdel

Jeremyah Ackerman                                                                       Treyton Sailors

Ava Marts                                                                                            Josh Feiock

Addison Sayler                                                                                  Shelby Lyons

Gage Schoellerman                                                                         Estelle Lee

Camden Nelsen                                                                                Gabe Schneider

Wendi Silverthorn                                                                           Andrew Madsen

Nick Hanson                                                                                       Evan Campbell

Jenna Graves                                                                                     Reese Simonsen

Justin Van Hull                                                                                   Jake Austin

Kyla Peterson                                                                                    Owen Campbell

 We will be holding a school spelling bee for the winners of the classroom competitions for students in grades 3-8 on Monday, November 26th at 7:00 in the gym in Viborg.  From the thirty classroom winners in grades 3-8 we will select a Champion speller for each school.   We will, however, be able to send our top three spellers from grades 3-4 and our top three spellers from grades 5-8 on to the Spelling Bee in Vermillion this spring where they will compete to see who will go on to the state spelling bee.  The State Bee winner will then be sent on to compete in the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC.

We have provided your children with lists of words for students in grades 1-8.  The spelling bee list for our bee on the 26th will be taken from these lists of words. They can also be found in the Spelling Bee file under documents tab on our website or mobile app.   A copy of the spelling bee rules can also be found in the Spelling bee file. 

The night of the spelling bee students will be seated using a random draw for seat numbers. 

Congratulations to all of our classroom winners and good luck on Monday evening.  We encourage families and the community to attend.