Ag Metal Fabrication Class Designs Signs for Our Buildings

During the spring semester of 2018, the Ag Metal Fabrication class was asked by Ms. Petersen to create a sign to go in front of both the Viborg and Hurley schools. Mr. Knutson had the class pick out a couple cool pictures of cougars that the students wanted to make for the signs. Colton Roth was put in charge of the project and started to turn the picture into metal art. He had to download the picture and convert it into the plasma cam software. It is a very precise to ensure that every cut line is perfect and in the exact spot. It is a very time consuming process and Colton did a very good job. Once it was ready to cut on the plasma cam, Mr. Knutson and the Ag Metal Fabrication class cut out the 4 by 4 sheet of metal. They then grinded down the cut lines and edges. He also put a couple kids in charge of painting the signs and drilling holes to screw it to the posts. At the beginning of the 2018 School year, the Ag Metal Fabrication class put up the first sign in front of the Viborg school.  The second sign will go up in Hurley this spring.