Citizenship = Rights + Responsibilities

This month in elementary guidance we will be learning about the character trait of citizenship.  Students will be learning that part of being a democracy is to be a good citizen, which means that although we have a lot of rights, that along with those rights comes a certain amount of responsibility.  

How can you be a good citizen?  There are a lot of ways  that you can show good citizenship.  Three important ways are to show respect, be involved, and serve others.  

C - Care about your community, state, and country.  Obey the laws and rules.

I - Improve something in your home or neighborhood.

T - Take the tie to learn about how your government works.

I - Involve yourself by becoming a leader at school or at your place of worship.

Z - Zero in on something that needs fixing and work with others to do the job.

E - Encourage your parents and other adults you know to vote.

N - Never forget to show respect for people, animals, plants and property.

During dinnertime conversations this month, we ask that you visit with your child(ren) about what being a good citizen looks like.